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Under new management! 8D

Please read the rules before posting!

You're welcome to write a introductory post. In fact, we encourage it. Tell us why you like Aie, how you came to know about him, and anything else we should know about you.

Please do not post any media you did not personally upload or post any media that has been released prior to the drop date. We do NOT allow any mp3/video media that has been released on cd/dvd per the wishes of deadman/the studs' website. Any other types of media posted MUST be friends locked.

No fanfiction or slash art please!

No community advertising. Sales are welcome but must be directly related to the band or its members.

Please be polite and show respect, both to the other community members as well as the band.


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*Kisui Project
*Aki solo
*The God and Death Stars
*Another you

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